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Utilities manager

Enabling you to focus on the running and growth of your business

Working for you, to use less and save more

Our model is simple, our team work as an extension of your business, a mini utilities and environmental department. We work for you, removing additional administration and time from your business allowing you to focus on other areas.

Our service is tailored to your needs and our commitment to you, our customer in delivering value and ongoing savings and advice building on our relationship.

We strive to deliver quality and experience no matter how big or small the task. Our services consist of but are not limited to;

Audit and analysis icon

Audit & Analysis

Energy or water, our expert team can support back dated rebates and forward planning based on deep analysis of your estate

Energy and water meter


smart metering and new connections for energy or water talk to us today.

Utilities monitoring and management software

Monitoring & Metering

Your utilities manager service, utilities the latest software and best, data led people to deliver you our market leading solution.

Compliance report


Ensuring your business large or small is up to date with the latest policy helping you achieve net zero.

Business Presentation

The benefits of outsourcing


Bottom line

saving you time and money by detecting errors and high usage


we manage the admin of everything from procurement to everything after

all our work is important and is fulfilled with absolute attention to detail


years of multi industry expertise and carefully selected partners working for you

Staff engagement

We believe that in order to reduce consumption and make the biggest impact on your business and the wider environment, engaging with your staff is a low-cost high return solution to embed in any organisation..

We can help you;

  • Motivate staff to think environmentally

  • Set up a green team / champion.

  • Run campaigns.

  • Show staff how to save at home.