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SBS - Telecoms

With years of industry experience we can support your needs with our carbon neutral mobile solution

Simplifying telecoms solutions for your business

Sustainable Business Services have over 15 years expertise in the telecoms market working with networks directly and indirectly developing a deep understanding of the market to support your business. Now more than ever our reliance on flexible, reliable connectivity is essential for every business.

Working with well established, strategic telecoms partners with over 50 years combined industry experience, Sustainable Business Services can work with your business to source and manage the following services.

  • Business mobiles – trusted partnerships with O2, EE, Vodafone and, ensuring your business and users are connected to the best network in your area with flexible, competitive tariffs available.

  • Business phone lines – a number of simple, competitive packages, both traditional and SIP trunk call solutions available keeping your business connected and your bills in check

  • Business broadband - business, now more than ever need fast, reliable broadband and data connectivity. We can work for you, comparing business broadband deals, sourcing the most suitable to your needs and location.

Compare, reduce cost and your environmental impact with SBS Telecoms solutions

Carbon Neutral Mobile from SBS

As will all services provided by Sustainable Business Services, we need to ensure that our offering fits with our ambition to be a market leader in sustainable business.

Technology and our want to always have the latest gadget is having a huge impact on our planet. The technology industry alone is responsible for 3.7% of global Green House Gas emissions.

For us to support your own carbon reduction targets our philosophy in managing telecoms contracts is to support you in extending the life of your devices and to use refurbished devices.

The carbon footprint of an average year’s smartphone usage is 70kg (this includes production and transport).

  • A one-minute mobile-mobile call produces 0.1g Co2e

  • Sending a text message (SMS) produces 0.014g of Co2e

  • Using 1GB data uses 0.3kg of Co2e

The average UK mobile user generates approximately 16.7kg of Co2e per year through usage (calls, messages and data) and charging, or approximately 25% of your smartphones carbon footprint.

Sustainable Business Services, will offset the carbon emissions of your business mobile contract through our partners at U Offset and will plant 5 trees per device.

By entrusting the comparison and review with Sustainable Business Services and our strategically chosen partners, you can be sure of a transparent market comparison specific to your needs:

  •      Purchasing strategy

  •      Optimum contract type and length

  •      Usage reviews ensuring you are always on the optimum plan

  •      Ongoing management and support

  •       Meeting your environmental goals

With the added benefit of a fully managed renewal or transfer service ensuring your fist bill is in line with the negotiated price