Specialising in renewable energy and sustainability, we can source the right solution for your business

We have a climate emergency

Businesses are at different stages of their sustainability journey, we can work with you to create, roll out and embed your sustainability strategy into your business, enabling efficiencies, and business growth.

Whatever your business, type, we can work with you to understand your business,  your objectives and align a sustainability strategy preparing you for future changes and giving you a competitive advantage.

The adoption of policy and carbon accounting now, will enable your business to be a market leader and benefit from;

  • Competitive advantage

  • Meet the supply chain and tender requirements of large and public sector organisations

  • Attract, engage and retain the best staff

  • Identify efficiencies and ways of reducing cost

Sustainable Business Services can help you develop a strategy for a greener future

89% of business agree that demonstrating a low carbon footprint will be essential for their brand by 2025

Sustainable procurement

What is sustainable procurement?

Sustainable procurement represents an opportunity to provide more value to an organization by improving  productivity, assessing value and performance, enabling communication between purchasers, suppliers and  stakeholders, and by encouraging innovation. It is procurement that has the most positive environmental,  social and economic impacts possible across the entire life cycle of goods and services

We can assist you in developing a sustainable procurement strategy,


Carbon Accounting

Environmental and carbon reporting and accounting is currently a requirement for larger organisations in the form of ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting).

Fewer SME's have committed to the same net zero pledge. Lack of data and reporting system expense are often the main reasons for the lack of take up. We can take the burden away giving you;

  • Bid to more supplier contracts (helping their supply chain targets)

  • Be ahead of your competitors

  • Attract and retain the best staff

  • The right action to tackle climate change

We have simple low cost pathway for SME's and micro businesses that can provide you a certified standard, fully managed by Sustainable Business Services

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Following the government announcement that new cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030, we have put together some tips for your business to consider when planning for the install of EV charge points.

For businesses, charge points at the workplace are likely to become an increasingly important facility for attracting and retaining good employees, along with a factor for your visitors, customers and suppliers.

For businesses with EV fleets, it will be an essential operating factor with multiple considerations to take into account when considering the procurement, management and supply of EV charge points.

  • Siting – which sites and where will they be located?

  • Ownership – do you want to own or rent

  • Users and fees – Who will use and will you charge a fee?

  • Charging speed – Slow, fast or rapid charging?


Self Generation -Solar  PV (Photovoltaics)

Solar PV generates electricity during daylight hours and feeds it directly into your electricity supply, thereby reducing electricity purchased from the grid and associated costs.

Through the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme you can also receive payments for the electricity you generate.

Carbon Reduction


With the UK being the first economy in the world to commit to reducing carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050, there will be increasing policy for businesses to adhere to to support the target.

We can work with your data whatever your business size and  report on your carbon emissions, providing timely information and enabling your business to understand it’s progress in reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. 

  • Provide carbon neutral energy procurement options.

  •  Feasibility into onsite renewable energy generation technologies

  •  Management of data and projects to enable energy and   carbon reduction.

  •  Investigate carbon offsetting routes where applicable


Retrofit Lighting

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a very efficient lighting solution, they can use up to 80% less energy whilst providing more light.

LED's have  a number of advantages over other lights;

  • Much longer service life 6:1

  • White LED's qualify for enhanced capital allowance (ECA)

  • Operate silently

  • More energy efficient

  • Many grants and schemes available for financial support

Sustainable Business Services can work with you to review your current usage associated and potential ROI through an energy audit.


If our audits present infrastructure improvements to make energy savings we will tell you and work out your pay back time to help you make a decision.  

If investing in new infrastructure is not possible for you at that time we have funding that will cover the up-front costs. Its paid for through the savings that we validate it makes, which means you have no cash flow impact from the improvement.  Once the capital is repaid the asset passes over to you.

Improvements we can fund are:

  • LED Lighting

  • Solar PV

  • Ground Source Heat

  • Borehole (For Water)

  • Battery Storage

All of our infrastructure improvements are surveyed and designed by our engineers and a comprehensive feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis is carried out.  You can then either choose to invest in the technology yourself based on our findings or enable us to design, fund, install and manage the asset on your behalf.

Based on experience, the average SME could reduce its energy bill by 18-25% by installing energy efficiency measures with an average payback of less than 1.5 years. And it is estimated 40% of these savings would require zero capital Department of Energy & Climate Change