Built on relationships and understanding

When reviewing utilities historically, choice has typically been determined by price and a promise of service.

What is your pence per kWh is the opening line for most third party companies? Who then promise to provide you excellent proactive service.

I remember many years ago working in telecoms for a mobile reseller and going to one of the major networks for training. There was 15+ resellers in the room and we were all asked to pitch our business, all roughly said the same thing as above price + service = value. How do you differentiate and how do I make my decision as a customer we were all asked? I know some of the companies in the room did, but the majority did not provide the service they stated, leaving customers with a difficult choice.

We believe in challenging the status quo, our mission is simple, to make your business more sustainable, to make a positive impact on our environment through being more efficient, reducing consumption and in turn driving down cost and our carbon footprint to net-zero.

We do this through relationships and low-cost digital systems that streamline our service and consolidate your data, enabling us to provide considered advice and guidance on your road to net-zero, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. True lifetime value.

We are a consultancy and truly work in partnership with our clients with transparency and trust foundations of our business.

The next time you review your utilities or telecoms, ask yourself, do you know why your supplier or those tendering for your services do what they do? Can you build a long term trusted relationship with them and will they add value to your business, not just today but for the long term

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