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An average business can expect to reduce its consumption by 12.3% when using a smart meter

Energy Metering


Smart meters provide accurate consumption data to give you the insight you need to ensure you are paying for what you use and able to budget for.

Half hourly meters have been regulatory mandated for larger businesses since 2017, that fall into certain profile classes. These meters, as the name suggests give half hourly meter reads to your power supplier via AMR (automated meter reading). This data is stored by your power company and is available to access for further analysis.

Sustainable Business Services can help you manage this data to.

  • Validate invoices.

  • Negotiating the right contract

  • Manage usage and implement energy efficiency measures via an energy management system.

Gas and electricity suppliers are required by their licence to take all reasonable steps to roll out smart meters to all their domestic and small business customers by the end of June 2021.

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters that are being rolled out to replace old meters.  Smart meters for SME’s are a key component to understanding your data and enabling a more focused plan on reducing your carbon footprint.

  • End estimated billing.

  • Utilise energy management software.

  • Enable more focused reporting for carbon reduction targeting.

  • A more visible understanding of usage to drive behavioural change.

Sustainable Business Services want our customers to pay for what they use and where possible recommend the installation of a Smart Meter or AMR. We can work with you to use this data, report and reduce your carbon footprint.. 

Water Smart Metering

Water smart metering is less commonplace than with energy. However Sustainable Business Service have extensive expertise in working with businesses to implement water AMR solutions that can.

  • Reduce consumption.

  • End estimated billing.

  • A more visible understanding of usage to drive behavioural change.

  • Utilise water management software to support benchmarking, and focused reporting for carbon reduction targeting.

If smart metering isn’t the right solution for your business, we offer a unique meter read service. We would contact you every month to obtain an up to date read and we will then log this with your supplier.

 New Connections and Change of Tenancy


New Connections

We know it’s an exciting and busy time when moving to a new site, renovating or expanding your business premises. Sustainable Business Services want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Co-ordinating a new connection and/or new metering is renowned to be a time-consuming exercise. Why struggle with this process when Sustainable Business Services can sail you through it. Sustainable Business Services can take the headache out of all your new connection and metering needs.

All work is completed by Ofgem Approved Meter Installer and an Ofgem Approved Meter Asset Manager.

MOP Contracts:


A Meter Operator, or “MOP”, is responsible for installing and maintaining the meter. MOP contracts are required for all Half Hourly Meters. This is a separate from the supply contract which covers the monthly bills. A five year term is a typical duration for a MOP, so it quite common to forget about the MOP during the interim years. Contact us for more information on securing competitive Meter Operator Contracts, we will ensure that all relevant parties are informed of the correct MOP details.

Change of Tenancy

We can also manage your Change of Tenancies (COTs) to ensure no over charges when you cease to be responsible for a site and to minimise any potential costs when taking over a new site.