How to reduce your business carbon emissions

The biggest impact and first step for any carbon reduction strategy, is to reduce or remove the emissions. Below we share some useful information on how to calculate and identify ways to remove and reduce your carbon emissions.

As a business who are committed to working with business to realise a sustainable, low carbon and cost-effective future. We want to inform and share with you our services and other climate solutions that will have the greatest long term impact.

Why do you need to reduce your emissions?

We have a climate emergency, and we are all responsible for taking action to solve the biggest challenge in our history.

The UK Government has signed you and your business to 2050 net zero targets. In June 2019, parliament passed legislation requiring the government to reduce the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases to Net Zero by 2050.

What does ‘net zero' mean?


Net zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

We firmly believe in having a system led approach to delivering our clients 'real time' data on their carbon footprint and utilise market leading systems in order to streamline your data, providing insights into your carbon emission that support business reporting and decision making.

We are a solution partner for The future Net Zero standard , CBN Expert and Smart Carbonto compliment our service in simplifying, standardising and supporting businesses on their net-zero journey.

Emissions fall into three scopes

Green house gas emissions are categorized into three groups or 'scopes' by the most widely used international accounting tool, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

SCOPE's_JS 061021.png

Calculating your emissions

As your data and emissions are the foundation for future decisions, it is important to measure all three scopes to enable you to identify and prioritise the areas with the biggest impact.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides guidance on how businesses should calculate their scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. 

The guidance details how and what to include, the calculations are put together in the UK by using the Greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors and published annually. Did you know there are over 6,500 individual factors?

Here are SBS, our systems are built containing these factors and we take away the management and calculations enabling you to get on with running your business. 

IEMA Green House Gas Heirarchy.pdf_JS 061021.png
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Historically the focus on carbon accounting and reporting has been on large and public sector organisations through ESOS and SECR. We spent a lot of time speaking to SME and Mid-Market organisations who’s perception was that they didn’t have the time and that it would cost too much with little benefit to them. From this we knew a low-cost simple digital solution to benchmark, monitor and manage your organisational footprint was essential. With 99% of UK businesses being SME this needed focus.

In order to build credibility to your action we aligned our process to the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign. By making your commitment and pledge, your business will be recognised by the campaign.

Sustainable Business Services support you on your journey providing you an annual report to submit to the campaign backed by your data, plans and targets.

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How can we help your business?

Working as your sustainability partner, Sustainable Business Services will manage your entire journey from initial consultation to continued monitoring, reporting and management following a 5 step plan;

  • Benchmark - calculating your benchmark year using historical data. SBS manage the project using your data to provide a benchmark year and report.

  • Measure - SBS's managed service will provide ongoing dashboard access detailing your stats against benchmark and targets.

  • Manage - providing ongoing support and guidance to reduce emissions to net-zero

  • Certification - our services provide an annual certification and report with attainment levels for carbon reduced

  • Publicise - publicise your commitment and ambition as recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero Campaign to all business stakeholders.


Our focus will always be to follow the IEMA GHG Hierarchy and to eliminate, reduce and substitute carbon at every level. Where technology, process or finance does not allow for this currently, we have partnered with U Offset to provide verified carbon offsetting schemes to offset emissions you can not yet eliminate.

Sustainable Business Services are committed to supporting business, government and our communities to work together and drive a, sustainable and low carbon future.

We firmly believe that environmental sustainability, business growth and our health and well being go hand in hand.