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The market is open for business, nearly 400,000 supply points switching to date, let us help you now

Simplifying water procurement for your business

Sustainable Business Services have a wealth of expertise in the retail water market and have been actively involved both as a supplier and indirect roles predating the opening of the English market (April 2017).

In April 2017, 1.2 million eligible businesses, charities, and public sector organisations, in England joined over 170,000 Scottish businesses in a competitive water retail market in the biggest change to the water industry since privatisation.

Scotland was the first country in the world to offer non-household customers choice in their water retailer (Licensed Provider) and have had this since 2008. This market is now well established with much more of the of the market switching to date realising savings up to 30%.

The English business water market is coming up to four years old with under 15% of the market taking advantage and switching supplier. This statistic does not factor in the businesses that have renegotiated terms with their incumbent supplier. We are able to work with both current and potential suppliers to negotiate the best business water prices.

How the business water market works

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Similar to other utility markets, water retailers (LP’s), buy water and wastewater wholesale services from regional water wholesalers and offer a variety of tariffs in passing through these services whilst providing, billing, metering and customer service

What makes up my business water bill?

Sustainable Business Services have established relationships with the UK’s leading business water suppliers and a deep understanding of the market. We can support your business in comparing business water rates, getting the best deal and service.

UK businesses are charged differently according to the area the site is based in and according to the wholesale charges scheme for that area.

The main chargeable areas for business are;

  • Metered

  • Unmetered (assessed)

  • Water volumetric rate

  • Waste volumetric rate

  • Surface water / Property drainage

  • Highways / Roads drainage


Water retailers in England add a percentage or fixed service charge to your pass through wholesale charges
Scottish retailers provide percentage savings from the published default rates
To compare business water suppliers and save up to 30% talk to us today

Get more from your business water

We’re committed to providing a service which is tailored to suit your needs. We can introduce you to a comprehensive framework of specialist and added value services to help you:

  • save water

  • cut costs

  • meet environmental commitments

  • build resilience

  • support sustainable growth and

  • keep customers and stakeholders happy