Transparent, competitive gas pricing 

Simplifying gas procurement for your business

Commercial contracts are rarely offered as dual fuel contracts. Not all businesses have gas connections and gas pricing will need separate negotiations.

If you have a gas connection, comparing gas prices is essential to ensure you are getting the most competitive tariffs.

Here at Sustainable Business Services, we can work with our cross-market supply relationships to select the most appropriate, competitive tariff and supplier to you.

What makes up my business gas bill?

Your business gas price is broken down into two main charging elements, your unit rate (pence per kWh) and standing charges.

Your unit rate is the price you pay for each unit of gas you use. This is charged in pence per kWh (kilo watt hour).

Your standing charge is a set daily charge paid regardless of if or how much gas you use. This charge covers the supplier cost to deliver the supply to your premises. Typically, between 10p-80p per day.

What are the different business gas tariff types?

There are a handful of business gas tariffs available, but fixed-rate tariffs are, by long way, the most commonly used by businesses.

Fixed - rate

The simplest and most common option for most business

Variable tarrif

Flexible tariffs that move with the market

Green gas

100% or carbon offset gas 

No Standing charge

Just pay for the unit rates

Talk to us about the most appropriate solution for your business today whilst gas prices are at record highs

Comparing business gas prices should not be complex, it is our mission to support your business and simplify comparisons, providing you the most competitive tariffs

Green Gas

Some suppliers are offering green gas solutions, whatever the size of your business.

Renewable gas is produced from sources such as, agricultural materials, food waste and wastewater. This means it is 100% renewable.

Alternate to 100% renewable, some suppliers offer gas that has a percentage carbon neutral that has been offset and is often more affordable.


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