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Audit & Analysis

Spot trends, identify opportunities

Utilising data to drive change

Sustainable Business Services interrogate your utilities consumption and cost data to help reduce cost, wastage and your carbon footprint. 

Through energy and water audits, this data also enable's us to work on your behalf to negotiate potential refund's from your supplier's against backdated incorrect charges in both the energy and water market's. Our services include but are not limited to;


  • Historic auditing and fully managed claims process.

  • Access to government and other funded programmes for free audit.

  • Identify where your business uses energy.

  • Identify where your business wastes energy.

  • Identify areas your business can use energy more efficiently.

  • Improve your green credential's and reduce carbon emissions.


  • Meter downsizing and redundant supply.

  • Leak/waste detection, repair and refund.

  • Supply & non-return to sewer refunds.

  • Trade effluent, allowances and strengths (Mogden Formula).

  • Surface water & highways drainage charges (water rates).

  • Duplicate charging and incorrectly applied tariff structure.

  • Water supply refunds and non-return to sewer allowances/rebates.

  • Bespoke works - AMR Technology, Borehole, Rainwater Harvesting.

Free Utilities health check

We know utilities can often be complicated and confusing. We use are industry expertise to simplify things and support your business.

This service costs nothing, all we need to get started are a few details and a copy of your invoices.

We can then benchmark your consumption against the best industry average national data giving you an instant idea of potential cost, energy, and water savings.

      Your health check includes:

  • An audit of your current contract terms.

  • A review of your energy consumption.

  • A review of your current energy spends.

  • Best  industry average benchmarking.

  • Detailed checks to make sure all your relevant agreements are correct and contracted.

  • A discussion around your company’s long-term energy strategy.